Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dragon Ball Z: Bid For Power [ Mediafire Link ]


Name : Dragon Ball Z: Bid For Power

Genre : Action

File size : 636MB

Description : What is Bid For Power?
BidFor Power (BFP) is a quake 3 total conversion. We have taken quake 3and used it to create a new game. In order to play BFP, you wouldnormally need the full retail version of Quake 3 Arena, but you arelucky a team like DigitalZone exists:

BFP used to haveDragonball Z Models Maps. But since FUNimation got ~censored~ anddidn't allow DBZ characters to be used they had to be taken out. DigitalZone have brought them back to you in the newest version of BFP1.2. We have added more than 80 DBZ original models for BFP and we'vetaken out the 6 Non-DBZ models. We've also added numerous original DBZMaps. In total you'll have 25 maps..

                                       Minimum System Requirements

#2 GHz Pentium 4 Processor / equivalent
#12mb Ram
#2400 MB Hard drive required for the install,
#128MB Graphics Accelerator ATI / NVIDIA Preferred
#Soundcard with fully OPENGL Support
#Network / Internet Connections for online / LAN play
#Windows XP Supported/Vista Supported


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