Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monster Inc Scare Island Full Version [ Mediafire Link ]


Name : Monster Inc Scare Island Full Version

Genre : Adventure

File size : 123MB

Description : Monsters, Inc. Scare Island (known in North America as Monsters, Inc. Scream Team and Japan as Monsters, Inc. Monster Academy) is an action game based on the Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc. developed by Artificial Mind and Movement for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows. The game starts when Sulley and Mike go to the scream academy. Players start with a tutorial showing how to smash boxes, collect items, and scare nerves (robotic children). They range in color from blue (easiest to scare) to red (hardest to scare). After the tutorial, players go to the urban training grounds. There are four courses in this training ground: The Dock, The Marketplace, Downtown, and The Park. Once players complete these levels, the trampolines and the desert training grounds are unlocked. Here the levels are The Tomb, The Sphinx, The Oasis, and The Pyramid. When players complete this course, the speed boosts and the Arctic training grounds are unlocked. This training ground has The Hot Springs, the Ice Castle, the sugar shack, and The Ski Lift. Completing these levels unlocks the boomerang circle s and allows players to win the game. There are 3 "Boss" levels where players race randall and these usually end after completing either of the 3 regions. In any levels there are "toys" that serve as the game's enemies.


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