Friday, May 25, 2012

Stoked Big Air Edition-RELOADED (PC Games) [Direct link]


Name : Stoked Big Air Edition-RELOADED 

RAR Size : 2.9 GB

Genre: Extreme Sports 


description :
Developed in conjunction with world-renowned snowboarding movie creator Absinthe Films, Stoked captures the pioneering spirit of professional back country riders. Exhilarating snowboarding experiences are born from dynamic backcountry conditions. The riders who brave and master these conditions are the stuff of legend in Absinthe videos and on the pages of snowboarding magazines. The look and style of these riders are emulated across the world. In Stoked, it’s your turn to become a legendary rider and wow the world on the Xbox Live online entertainment network by becoming an absolute snowboarding phenomenon.
Upgraded with enhanced graphics and features, the Big Air Edition of Stoked features marked trails that make it easy to find great runs, lots of park objects to use for tricks, two new mountains, better visuals, and faster and smoother riding.


PART 1 (click here)

PART 2 (click here)

PART 3 (click here)

PART 4 (click here)

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