Monday, July 16, 2012

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel [ Mediafire Link ]

Name: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Genre: Role Playing

RAR Size: 4.8 GB

The first Sacred was a resounding success, surpassing even Blizzard's Diablo at the German market (where Ascaron's Sacred factory residence). Therefore, there is no reason when a second copy of this brand is not set expectations. still bring a range of world wide as the original but is run entirely on 3D graphics, Sacred 2 even longer considered even greater ambitions of small game company in Aachen (Germany). The most recent demo gave gamers to different areas in the game, including the City reconstruct the background European civilization in the history of alternate ports, residential areas, jungle, desert ... Underneath all the terrain that's tomb and other information associated with even double wide scope on the ground. Sacred been described as a copy of Diablo in the first release. Whatever has changed, but Sacred 2 is likely to be affected significantly from the role of the Blizzard brand, is the display antagonistic duel with weapons and magic ... Most of the battle takes place at the tomb, where players must complete the quest of the game to 400. Go around the world will probably have to take up many hours 'walk', but you'll be presented with transportation as much ... tigers and dragons to help take more time. In addition, players can also use the port to move fast to get to a place in hundreds of miles away. of game day and night cycle lasts about 45 minutes, of which 30 minutes is 15 minutes a day and night. Residents in the world of Sacred 2 will also behave in this cycle, do all the work when the sun was not shut down and went to bed at the new moon. The tasks in the game mainly related to rescue, kill monsters, collect gold ... and even take a dog back to her small home Mathilda. Every little detail in this environment are marked by individual artists who design, as they refine their hairs to each of the animals, each reflecting light onto smooth velvet cloth covering the female warrior myself. Although to this point, the effects of fire and dust still incomplete, but what we saw with water, parts of the works and graphics antialiasing was sufficient to allow gamers hope a nice game. 2 system game controller on the PC and Xbox 360, of course, very different. That's spend less time Ascaron is not complete. The PC character by moving the mouse, while the artificial intelligence in charge of attacking enemies in sight. No mouse, Xbox 360 have to use the left analog stick, also need to be specified to adjust angle. All weapons are placed in the hot keys to control surface in the fight, gamers will at the same time there are so many options. In contrast, spells and magic medicine was 'hiding' the four directional keys. If you feel like it's not enough, you can continue taking notes the key role to spend weapons. It seems, the Xbox 360 controller support will be compatible with both a PC. The multiplayer will vary between PC (lets 16 people play) and the remainder (only supports 4 players , because of limited memory). However, because the original code should have the same characteristics in both multi-player mode and one had no change. You can deal with other people or fight the computer or with other players skills against AI. Ascaron Sacred 2 also confirmed no game mode 'background information' between Xbox 360 and PC such as Shadowrun.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows XP, XP64, Vista, Vista64
2.4 GHz processor
Graphics card 256 MB, from nVidia ® GeForce ™ 6800 or ATI ® Radeon ™
DirectX compatible sound card
20 GB free Hard Drive (HDD) space
DirectX 9.0d (included with game)


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