Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rail of War

Name: Rail of War

Genres: Shooting,  Strategy, Armour, Action

RAR Size: 29.8Mb

Description: In this free rail game you can participate in the new catching adventure - Rail of War! This time you control… no, it is not an automobile or an aircraft, not a tank or even a ship, you have to drive the military train! You have never controlled such a train before and can't even imagine how it is possible to manipulate this enormous clumsy armored train in combat conditions… Play Rail of War and get to know everything about it! You can choose railway lines and stop at the stations to repair your train when necessary. You'll learn how you can set the pace and control the direction of the moving traffic and regulate the fire rate of your weapon. Besides, you'll meet lots of opponents on your way and you'll have to show all your courage and accuracy to defeat them. As you see, it's not an easy task to become the winner in this game. Motorized rifle cars, tanks, aircrafts, huge guns and dozens of other military hardware are against you. In this free rail game you have to destroy the hostiles and liberate your native land! Remember, to succeed in the battle you should control the situation every second. Above all, you are to go through many various missions. You can also get some upgrades in the game - after completing each task you are rewarded with a special prize. You may use this bonus to improve your locomotive engine, get new guns, coal silages and other helpful things. Rail of War won't leave you half-hearted! The atmosphere of war dazzles you and complex levels keep you on the stretch every second! Download Rail of War - the thrilling rail game - absolutely for free and win this battle!

System Requirements:

#Windows XP/Vista/7

#Processor 1 Ghz or better, 512 Mb RAM, DirectX 8.0

How to Download???

1. Click on the download links

2. Wait for few seconds and then click on

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