Saturday, September 14, 2013

Skies of War

Name: Skies of War

Genres:  Shooting, Car, Truck, War, Strategy, Armour, Action

RAR Size: 29Mb

Description: Welcome to the Military Aircraft World! Skies of War is an excellent entertainment for everybody who dreams about army aviator career! Do you want to fly a little? Then join the mission game! There are various kinds of aerovehicles in your full possession - from turbo propelled aircraft of World War II times to the ultramodern bomber one, and even helicopters! The most interesting fact is that every type of iron flesh bird has its own system of avoiding the hostile's fire and it is masterfully shown in Skies of War. Realism and strain of this adventure are really shocking and will certainly rattle your nerves. You should perform different tasks: fortify your positions and destroy your opponents. Sometimes you'll have to act using not only your skills but your cunning as well - for instance, the capture of the airport is possible only with the help of propaganda! Keep in mind that to fill the fuel tank you'll have to land. The missions of Skies of War keep your nerves on the limit! In this mission game you are to capture bridgeheads, defeat the hostiles, disrupt of echelons in the air and do a lot of other absorbing things! You'll have an access to every possible kinds of weapon - from machine guns to nuclear bombs. Your hostiles' forces are strong and varied - light bugs, tanks, standard guns, pursuit-planes, helicopters and even huge armored trains are against you. Remember, that you should be an excellent and skillful pilot. Only strategic thinking can lead you to the victory. Skies of War is a game for really strong guys, dreaming of scrambles in the sky, fire and speed. Download this mission game for free right now and enjoy your flight!

System Requirements:

#Windows XP/Vista/7

#Processor 1 Ghz or better, 512 Mb RAM, DirectX 8.0

How to Download???
1. Click on the download links

2. Wait for few seconds and then click on

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